Adventures in Creating a Vision Board

Beginner’s Yoga. I would attempt to register every semester to no avail as this class was quickly filled w. no overrides (Ignore the exaggeration, I only truly tried twice). As a Senior with the attached early registration privileges I finally was able to get into it. I can say the class changed my perspective on wellness and allowed me to block 2 hours, twice a week to dedicate to challenge myself, do some introspection and learn to practice pranayama.

Vision Board, C. Bannister, Spelman College, Atlanta GA
Vision Board, C. Bannister, Spelman College, Atlanta GA

I immediately began brainstorming the moment the Vision Board project was mentioned in class. I sifted through countless images on my ‘digital vision board,’ Pinterest. I listened to hours of the Tibetan singing bowls while staring at the blank canvas.

Thankfully, an in-class exercise provided me the right environment for introspection. I was surprised at what I thought of when envisioning the prompts ,’Who am I? What do I want? How can I serve?’ Visions of mentoring, teaching and volunteering in hospital wards made sense as they were things I’d done (past). My wants for a medical school acceptance letter, future children and growth in faith mirrored my meticulous planning (future). But when asked ‘Who am I?’ I was confused at why I thought of colours and scenery. I struggled seeing myself beyond ‘titles’ (e.g. Sister, Bermudian, Student). I wasn’t sure if I was approaching the project correctly.

In the most Vata way, I worried about the project , while my Kapha nature prevailed and I put off even touching the board until, -you guessed it – the night before its deadline. Instead of obsessing over whether I ‘fit’ what I thought everyone else would do , I decided to do what felt right.

Parts of my board (the future/past-thinking prompts) are bright and full of content. One section (present) is more mellow and open,  because at that point in life I was working hard on being present. Both are okay. I am a Libra. I am Vata- Kapha. I exist between extremes.

My go-to Tibetan singing bowls recording :

The terms ‘vata’ and ‘kapha’ refer to two of the three Dosha categories observed in Ayurveda (we touched on this during class and did a quick personality quiz).  I don’t subscribe to Ayurvedic teachings but it was interesting to learn about.


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