Med Student Fashion

As with most medical schools, my school has a dress code for both male and female students during the pre-clinical and clinical years, which students received in their acceptance packet.

I think this is helpful for those leaving Sixth Form as most persons who have had to wear school uniforms generally would not have the quantity of basic wear as someone who didn’t have aΒ uniform. The dress code allows a guide to building a wardrobe that students can utilize into their professional life as a physician. I didn’t find it restrictive or odd in any way as it fit in with what I was used to wearing as a STEM student (no sandals, sleeve-less tops, short shorts, etc. for obvious reasons) and my future wardrobe aspirations. Whether all persons adhered to it is besides the point *sips tea.*


note: I tend to dress up when I don’t feel bubbly/ well/ confident (look good-feel good theory). The sweaters are due to the low temperature of the faculty’s building in addition to my body’s own lack of helpful adipose and the seasonal rains.


Maybe I will post other OOTD’s (Outfit of the Day) of myself or other students in the future, though we don’t put much time into dressing up (way too much studying to do πŸ˜€ ).


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